"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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 One of the dangers that we a Christians face is believing that God will come through every time not  just some times.  Asa, king of Judah was attacked by an army of over 1,000,000 men from Ethiopia.  Asa cried unto the LORD his God, and said, "LORD, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O LORD " (2Chron 14:11).  God responded and wrought a mighty victory.  God then sent a prophet and encouraged Asa that He would reward his efforts.  Asa immediately made a covenant to seek the Lord and all Judah removed the idols from the land.  God gave him 35 years of peace. (2 Chron 15).  Eventually Israel made a push against Judah and Asa responded.  But he forgot the previous victory and took some of the treasures out of the House of God and used them to hire the Syrians to fight Israel.

It worked, but God was not happy.  He sent a prophet to rebuke the king, who blew up.  God would have used Asa to defeat the Syrians (2Chron 16:7) not strengthen them.  The prophet said, "The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shall have wars." Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time.

Asa shifted from being dependent to being independent.  Once we get in a particular mindset it is very difficult to shift back.  Later, Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians.  And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign (2Chron 16:12,13).  His stubborn independence cost him his life.  God wants to bless us but He is going to bless us in His way not ours.  If we cannot remain humble and remember and rehearse all that the Lord does for us, we will move out from under the umbrella of His protection.  In that place we will not believe in His goodness or be able to exercise faith because we will no longer listen to the wooings of the Holy Spirit.  Isolated, the devil will have no problem picking us off.  If in addition we have become offended at God, we will stubbornly refuse to admit we were wrong and will lose our inheritance.  Stay humble; Stay under; Stay connected.  God loves us but He will not run after us to save us from ourselves.  We are to run after Him.   The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe (Prov 18:10).

Love Ken Harrington




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