We bought 4 new sewing machines this month and hired a teacher to come in 3 days a week, after school, to train the older children in Nabin Life Care Center. Even some of the boys showed an interest in learning to sew as they could become tailors, later on in life. We felt we need to equip the older children to have some skills for when they finally leave the center. Later we will develop more programs to try to accommodate other career interests. Not only do we feed, provide shelter, clothing and the ability for them to go school, but we must also prepare them for the future. They also get Christian education as well as cultural education ( part of their national culture). They are very excited to learn to sew as it gives them a good skills for the future. All the children are doing well in their studies, and their marks are good. They are growing and gaining weight. Joy is a part of their lives now. They have the knowledge that God loves them and Jesus is that love to each of them. Thank you to all who support this ministry, either by finances or prayer. You have made a difference in 40 kids lives. Bless you.