Hello again. We have just arrived back from a ministry trip to the districts around Cape Town, South Africa. It was a long trip with cancelled flights, taking over 50 hours to arrive. Even our ministry partners, Chang Su and HeeJun, were delayed and spent over 40 hours coming from Korea.

God was good and at the first meeting we had at a men’s shelter, 20 men gave their hearts to the Lord. There were former drug addicts, gang members and street people all praising the Lord. A heroin addict that got delivered the week before, gave a testimony of how God had turned him around. The pastor had a picture of him from the week before and the man just shook his head and laughed, pointing out how terrible he looked

That Sunday we did a Curses to Blessings seminar that had the most excited crowd we ever ministered to. Lots got freedom and received a lightness as burdens were lifted.

Jeanne did a ladies meeting on the Tuesday where there were several healings (one a woman getting her hearing back in one ear) and many deliverances. She spoke on hope and was able to minister life to them. That night we had a supper with Pastor Raymond and his leadership as well as several other pastors. God was highlighting aspects of the Kingdom as it affected this realm.

We went on a little safari about three hours away on the Wednesday then on Thursday went to the project that TCM had helped finance in the Lavender Hill district. This is a very tough district with 68 drug related murders happening the week before. Even some of the ladies that had attended Jeanne’s meeting had had to run and hide the week before. One lady outside the meeting hall had been killed and another wounded in the violence.

Pastor Ivan, who was a drug lord when he was only eighteen, is helping to mediate between the rival gangs as all sides are willing to trust him. This community center/church is active in trying to bring normality to a troubled community and create a safe place for the children of that district. Over 200 kids weekly attend the activities there.

We did three leadership meetings during the week emphasizing the Spirit’s leading and everyone having a vision and a calling, not just the pastor. The churches there are very active as the needs created by poverty and the gangs surround you on all sides.

Jeanne and I ministered in Ocean View while Chang Su and HeeJun were in the Steenburg church on Sunday. God moved mightily as people were delivered and 9 more got saved. The night before, right outside the church, there had been a protest against the gang violence in Ocean View and a large number of tires had been burned to attract attention to the community’s plight. You could see the remnants of the fire in a black streak across the road and several partially burned tires scattered in the ditches.

The trip was very profitable, seeing the project in Lavender Hill completed and making connections with some of the apostolic leaders in the colored community. The Apartheid spirit is still active in South Africa even though the law prohibits it. And it does not just afflict the white community; there is no integration between the colored or the blacks, or the Indians, or the whites. Pray that the churches will be the first to shake off that spirit and lead the way out of the hopelessness that drives people to drugs and the gangs. Testimonies of the 29 saved and many delivered will help that.