As I was in worshiping and meditating on God, I felt He gave me a word for some of you. I feel just as the season is changing, so is change coming for you. When I go for a walk in the trails I now see dead leaves strewn on the paths and through the bush. I feel the lord is saying leaves are falling off of you. Leaves represent dead works or works of the flesh. Things in the past that were hard to get rid of or deal with will start to fall off. Your love for God will increase. This is a season of drawing and wooing of the Holy Spirit toward you. It is time to awaken to the love of Jesus for you. He is forming you into His image. He is imprinting onto your being His great love for you. There is a shift over you, transitioning you into new depths in Him. God is preparing you for greatness. He has deposited into you many things that will be a blessing to many people. Embrace the new season, both naturally and spiritually.