Today we are doing four television shows for TBN Asia. Two of the shows will be on the greatness in each of us. God puts seeds of greatness in each of us and then gives clues through dreams, visions, prophetic words and The word of God. For now I will share on dreams.We need to search out the meaning of our dreams and record them. Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. As we record dreams and seek out the meanings , we can come back to them later. Ken has often had God speak to him in a dream with scriptures. He has written it down and later he preaches them. I have had many experiences with dreams. Sometimes I see a person and am given a message for that person from God. I have to wait until I encounter the person to give them the word. We get dreams we don’t understand and some take years to figure out, even decades. Pray and ask God to explain it to you or ask someone who has knowledge with godly interpretation. We have to realize God is speaking to us. Heaven’s language is in symbols and we need to know what these are, and believe He is preparing us for the things He has for us. I had a dream many years ago of standing before a large audience speaking. This year this has happened so many times. God plants a dream of future events so you will agree with His plans. Often the enemy plants doubts, or other people can’t see you doing certain things for God and try to tell you it isn’t possible. He is the God of the impossible. A negativity settles over you so you won’t have faith that God will use you. Mary was told by the angel of Jesus’ birth and hid it in her heart, and believed God. That was an impossible situation, the virgin birth. You may have had dreams of riding a bicycle, a car, a truck, a train, a boat or an airplane. All these indicate your ministry, whether local, to a church, to a town, to a country, or to nations. Some of you may dream about your house. The basement represents foundations, and the attic represents generational matters. Some may be in their house discovering new rooms that they had never seen before. This refers to you and undiscovered talents, treasures and areas of your life, that God wants to develop. A dream of being naked may mean you feel vulnerable in a situation or you need to be more vulnerable or transparent to others. Clothing can represent mantles, and colors have great significance. A dog can represent loyalty ( man’s best friend) or unbelief. Looking through a window represents a prophetic view of heaven or earth. God has deposited greatness in each of you and He is giving you clues to what this is. When you grow wheat it takes about 100 days for it to be ripened. When you grow an acorn it takes 20 years for maturity. What is God growing in you? It may take a long process to develop the character within to go with your own call. Ours took a long time. Every year was a triumph over self, every decade was an advancement in His kingdom. It never ends, we keep growing in Him. Dare to believe God for what He has put in your heart.